What do I see for the Future of Mobile Operating Systems.

I feel that in the future of mobile operating we are still going to have a duopoly between Apple and Android, but we will still have creators that make a third-party OS designed for a specific use. when it comes to mobile operating systems you don’t really have a choice, because the store you purchase your phone from is only going to have the latest devices and you may have different models of the device to choose from, but you will still have the main two operating systems. To use the third-party operating system that is developed for specific use has to be installed in a manner that about 80% of people don’t know, and those that do know how to don’t because its risky and cost’s you time. So, in conclusion, I say we will still only have IOS for apple devices and android for all your other brands like Samsung, LG, and HTC.

Andrew S. Written by:

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