Should you have to deal with Apple’s Throttling?

Last year the Apple company acknowledged that they have been throttling iPhone performance when the battery reached a specific usage point. Apple has also publicly announced that they will continue this practice with the new iPhone X and following launches.

So, what can you do about this? Well if you experience battery or device slowing you can take it to your local Apple Store “Genius Bar” and they can replace your battery for a whopping $79.99. However, if you take the phone to an independent repair store they can get the battery for $17 from amazon and charge a fair service fee. So why doesn’t everyone do this? Well, most independent repair stores are being sued or getting shut down cause of apple saying they are losing too much money. In reality, it’s you the customer who is losing money.

A single iPhone X cost’s around $300 to make and you end up paying over a $1k+tax for the device itself not including Apple care, cases, warranty, etc.. and if you damage your device it will cost you a pretty penny for any type of repair.

We can’t really stop Apple from doing this as it’s their product, and not illegal as they admit it publicly. However, you can stop wasting so much money by supporting independent repair shops, and educating your self with the Right To Repair Movement.

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