Education, Technology, and the Pandemic

Have you ever thought that you would have been more understanding of your curriculum in school if you had access to today technology? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club.

As an IT professional for multiple schools I get to experience first hand what goes into running a school and classroom. When I graduated High School back in late 2019 technology was just reaching our schools as an educational tool, however due to todays advancements and requirements we need to meet to help navigate this new pandemic technology is keeping our classrooms running and helping the student keep in touch with their social life.

As the Site Technician for the schools I work with I assist users with various issues, however our biggest concern is chromebooks. Chromebooks are a cheap alternative to a laptop and provide the user with everything they need to learn and complete school curriculum either inside the classroom or at a distance (such as home). Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic shutting down most of the world a vital resource called silicon has become more rare and much more expensive. Silicon is used to create every computer in the world today and due to this shortage all technology has sky rocketed in price making device repair harder and much more expensive, especially for schools that repair devices in bulk. I currently receive at least 9 broken devices a week and 80% of the time I have to scavenge parts of the more broken devices.

Not only does technology help those in school, but for those of us who like to use computers to game or work remotely from home during a shutdown it is much harder for us to upgrade our computers to run the latest software and(or) games. Internet Service Providers have also had a much harder time keeping up with the broadband usage that has spike rapidly from users having to stay home everyday. I personally use AT&T and my connection has started running slower due to the usage in my area, making my job in IT much harder by trying to maintain a stable connection with my users.

In my opinion after this pandemic is over and everyone is able to start production and go back to a “normal” life, I do not believe that the world will work the same on the standpoint of technology, In fact I believe that technology will be even more integrated into society making social interaction less needed, which is a very scary thought. Imagine a world were your learned and communicate to no one other than a computer, I think we would end evolving into less social beings and this would cause more issues in the world which are not needed nor welcome.

Please let me know how technology and the pandemic have effected you by leaving a comment or reaching out to me personally at I will respond to you as soon I can.

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