Can Discord be used for more than community use?

Discord is a communication platform designed for online gaming, fan, and chat communities, but can it be used for business as well? Discord already has a very simple User Interface, but also allows you to add friends via a simple name and Unique Identification code (eg: Minesk8er#2298) which is pretty simple for most people. However, Discord also allows you to create a completely free server hosted by them where you can create links to share for others to join even if their not your friend.

When hosting a Discord Server you can create chatrooms(Voice or Text) and also setup ranks/roles to define specific users for moderation or Organization(Your Choice). This could also be used to display Job Titles and have specific chatrooms for different departments in a company. You also have the ability to lock chatrooms to specific roles.

When it comes down to it business use relies on flexibility more than features, however, Discord Brings it all to the table. You define the features you want your servers to have, or develop a bot for help/automation, and for flexibility, you are able to use Discord on all platforms Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, and in any web browser.

In Conclusion, Discord is useful for professional and personal use depending on the way you set it up. To get Discord or learn more go to

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