Artificial Intelligence, Here to help or take over?

What most people don’t understand is that we already use AI every day. When you use facial recognition or fingerprint you have an automated system that verifies the pattern. This system is called Applied AI, meaning it is built for a specific operation.

The type of AI most people are familiar with is General AI, This is the AI that is supposed to be indistinguishable from human intelligence. Google has an AI development branch called “Google Deep Mind”. Google had a Go competition between an AI named “AlphaGo” and Go master Lee Sedol. AlphaGo was able to learn by itself how to play and master the game. Soon AlphaGo was able to beat the Go master Lee Sedol.

So now that we have an understanding of what AI is capable of we can discuss the dangers of AI.

There are great benefits of AI, but that does not mean there are not worse consequences. If AI developers do not set parameters then with the capability of being able to learn by itself then AI could one day realize that humanity is a waste of resources and possibly wipe us out. Even without the threat of AI itself, enemy countries could use an AI system against another country crippling infrastructure and communication.

I hope this topic will interest you to be aware and always stay alert of possible threats.

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